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How did it get to be March already? I could have sworn it was just yesterday that I heard Christmas carols.

Oh, now I remember, I've been working. I do love my job, don't get me wrong, but sometimes there's just so much of it. I am sometimes amused by the sight of senior project directors fighting to have me working on their projects (I can't take on nearly as many projects as I'm asked to do, and when I tell them I'm booked, they start playing dirty among themselves to get their hands on me), but the amusement value kind of wears off over time when you find out that you said yes to what was scheduled as a week's worth of work and it turns out the size and complexity of the project has been enhanced and now it's going to take two weeks, only you're already booked to be doing something else next week so you try to do two things at once, and then there's a technical problem with the data collection one project and that means more time to fix things, and then the client on the project you did last week comes back and says "This is all wonderful, but we need more of X, which we didn't actually mention needing in the Statement of Work" and someone dumps a proposal for something two months down the line on you and says "we need to change the design to this, please redo the budget and get it to the client this afternoon, I can't because I'm flying to Whitehorse" and so it goes.

There is a downside to being very good at what you do.

There are probably upsides as well, but at the moment I'm having a little trouble remembering what they are.

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I am almost at the end of a month-long marathon in terms of work. I have been putting in truly insane hours - in four weeks, I have racked up 50 hours of overtime. I am both mentally and physically exhausted. Fortunately, I have two weeks vacation coming in mid-August, so if I can just stay functional until then, I can recouperate while sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.

The good things about this insane month are:
I have been writing qualitative analysis (my experience is primarily in quantitative analysis) under the guidance of one of the top qualitative reseachers in the country, and am learning a hell of a lot.

If we ever have a slow time at work, I now have 100 accumulated hours of lieu time. Unfortunately, we are only supposed to take lieu time when things are slow, and somehow it seems things are never slow. I'm thinking I'm going to take some lieu days over the next couple of weeks whether it's slow or not.

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