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If by some strange chance any of the sff fans reading this do not know that Farah Mendlesohn has written a major critical work on Robert Heinlein's opus, and due to contract issues has decided to crowdfund its publication.... Well, now you know.

If you like Farah's work, if you like Heinlein's work, if you want to give me a super present by helping to enable the publication of this work that I desperately want to read, please consider supporting this crowdfunder.

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Two men of honour, with a passion for justice and a wide streak of compassion.
Two men of wisdom and learning, deeply educated in the classics of their respective cultural traditions.
Two men of mystery, capable of action, even violence, but preferring whenever possible to try to solve problems through negotiation and understanding.
Two men who travelled widely throughout the Western United States during the 1870s.

Surely fate must have brought Kwai Chang Caine and Paladin together.

I can't be the only person who's ever seen the enormous slash potential in this Kung Fu/Have Gun Will Travel crossover scenario, can I?


Nov. 10th, 2008 08:38 pm
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OK, this is only one of at least 50 rumours going around about actors who might be in the running to place the Eleventh Doctor, but the first mention in this totally speculative article actually caused me to loudly squee with untrammelled delight at the mere notion of its occurrence.

Chiwetel Ejiofor.

I've been mad about this actor ever since I saw him in Dirty Pretty Things. He was intense in Serenity, totally awesome in Kinky Boots, riveting in Children of Men... need I go on? (I'm still waiting to see some of his latest releases because they're not out on DVD yet.)

Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Doctor. It's a match made in heaven, if he wants the gig.

Yes, Bill Nighy would be fun, and Robert Carlyle would be hot and James Nesbitt would be dark and quirky and Sean Pertwee would be a sentimental favourite, Richard E. Grant or Hugh Grant could be endearing, and both Paterson Joseph and Colin Salmon have the chops for the job, and yes it would be cool to see a the Doctor as a woman, but...

Chiwetel Ejiofor. It's got to be the best casting rumour yet.

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Yes, I'm talking about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Two episodes in and I'm seeing a lot that could be very, very cool about this series.

What worries me is this.

Here is a list of the new TV shows that I've gotten excited about in the past couple of years:

The Dresden Files - cancelled
Painkiller Jane - cancelled
Blood Ties - taken off air, status highly uncertain
Heroes - season 2 went to the dogs

Maybe I should be trying to hate Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That might increase its chances of success.

Of course, the new Doctor Who and Torchwood appear to be doing OK, but that's British TV, which is different somehow.

And speaking of both British TV and Girls who kick ass, I caught the hour-long premiere/Christmas special of The Sarah Jane Adventues on BBCKids the other night. Unfortunately, I see no sign of the half-hour regualr season episodes in their schedule as yet, so I'm oging to have to ::ahem:: the episodes, I fear.

Yes, they're for kids, but the first episode was fun.

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I have been hearing many things about director David Cronenberg's latest film, Eastern Promises, starring Viggo Mortensen. One of which is that, apparently, there is a scene set in a bathouse/sauna in which the audience is exposed, as it were, to the full Viggo.

What does it say about me that my very first thought was that this would almost certainly lead to greater anatomical correctness in Aragorn/Legolas slash fan art?

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Almost everyone I know online is doing it, but for some reason, I had never really even thought of doing it myself until a few weeks ago. And now, I wish I'd started doing it years ago. It gives me such a feeling of freedom and control. And it's so much more convenient, and, frankly, more enjoyable than what I'd always done instead. Although it is true that at first I thought I'd only do it every once in a while, when I really needed it, and now I'm doing it almost every day.

You've probably figured it out by now. I've started watching downloaded TV shows.

I started when I turned, in my usual state of heightened anticipation, to the channel that's been carrying Painkiller Jane, only to find that there was no Painkiller Jane, not that night, nor the next, nor, according to the schedules, the week after or even the week after that. Painkiller Jane had been dumped. Yet it was apparently still being aired in the US. So I did what any addict will do when there is no legitimate source for her drug of choice. I went blackmarket.

Not only did I get to see episodes of Painkiller Jane that no one in Canada was going to show me, but I rediscovered how much better a narrative works when there are no commercials. (I'd learned this about movies back when I got my first VCR, but hadn't applied it to other forms of commercial entertainment before now.)

And, like the proverbial gateway drug, the experience of watching a show I could not get in Canada made it so much easier to move to watching shows that had already aired in other countries, and were supposed to air sometime in Canada, but no one had gotten around to airing them yet, and I was dying to see them.

Yes, my next step was watching all the first half-season of Blood Ties, which had already aired in the US, and the full season of Torchwood, which had already aired in the UK.

Edit: I forgot! I also decided that it wasn't fair to have to wait over a year for the third season of ReGenesis, which has already aired on pay-TV but won't be on Showcase, the other cable channel that's a production partner, for goddess knows how long.

Ah, what a slippery slope this is. I next decided to watch all of The Dresden Files episodes, which had already aired in Canada but I'd missed them because I never watch Space (the Canadian sci-fi channel) unless I know there's something I want to watch, and they never do any publicity for their new shows anywhere else, so I didn't know it was on until after it was in media res, and I hate coming in on a series like that half-way.

Then I really hit the hard stuff. Yes, Doctor Who season three has finally started airing in Canada, but I know because I read spoilers that there are two three-part stories in the second half of the season, and I've always hated waiting for resolution, so... you guessed it, I've got the second half of the season now and I'm going to have a Doctor Who marathon.

And of course, there's all sorts of older series I'd never had the chance to see, or never get rerun and I'd love to see again. I've just discovered Sapphire & Steel, a 70s British SF series I'd heard a lot about but had never seen. And someone out there must have put VR.5 online (yes, I think David McCallum is a sex god, if you must know), although I haven't found it yet. And then there's all the still-existing early Doctor Who episodes that I haven't seen in 40-odd years (I still mourn over the fact that one of my favourite First Doctor series, Marco Polo, is among the missing). In fact, that's what's happening right now - An Unearthly Child is on its way as I type this.

Frankly, I'm tired of having to wait months, even years, for TV shows that are airing elsewhere first - especially series like Blood Ties, which is made in Canada, or Doctor Who and Torchwood, which are partly financed with Canadian money. And I'm tired of waiting forever for the quirky niche-market shows I like to get re-run or put out on DVD.

So I guess I've joined the Torrent revolution. Instant gratification R Us. I can has what I want. Naow.

And yes, I do feel uneasy about the fact that if everyone watches current or currently syndicated old TV shows this way, then stations and networks lose viewers and thus lose advertisers and then they don't buy the shows and it gets less likely that production companies will make shows that people who download shows will like, and the creative people who think up and write these shows won't work, and on it goes. I know some shows and some episodes are made available online after they've been aired by the networks that air them, but I certainly don't know the provenance of what I've been watching. I'm still working out the ethics of it for myself. But the old system isn't working any more, not for people who really want to see what's happening in to their favourite shows but can't because their shows aren't given priority by the networks where they live, and who would really like to be able to talk to their fellow fans in Australia or the US or the UK or wherever about shows that aren't airing on the same schedules.

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Edit: For those who do not know, WOF stands for Women on Fire, which is the name of a series of very good and highly recommended (by me, at least) fantasy novels (five books to date, including a prequel) written by the amazingly multi-talented [ profile] plaidder. Information about the books, and the means of obtaining them (since the evil genre publishing world has not seen fit to print them) is available here.

These novels are set in a universe in which there are, well, beings who involve themselves to a greater or lesser extent in what people do. Two such beings are known as Idair and The Dark One. Both are able to invest people with paranormal abilities. Those invested by Idair are bright, those invested by the Dark One are, not surprisingly, dark. Both beings require their followers to adhere to certain rules of behaviour, or forfeit their special abilities. One of the things that Idair's followers cannot do and retain their allegence is lie. The Dark One's followers can lie whenever they choose but they cannot tell anyone that they love them.

[ profile] plaidder wrote:

One of those LJ-memes is going round about where you ask someone 5 questions, and they answer them in their LJ, and then people can leave comments in that person's LJ asking to be 'interviewed,' and on it goes.

I was pondering the niceties of netiquette in relation to this (how personal can you make the question without causing the interviewee grief?) and I came up with the following WOF-specific variation:

Instructions )

[ profile] plaidder's questions (and my answers):

1. Do you like your body?

I like my body, but that is not the only emotional response that I have to my body. I like my body for being the vehicle through/in/as which I live here and now, for giving me touch and sound and sight and taste, and sometimes smell, for all the physical acts and experiences I have known through its interface with the rest of the physical world, for the things I can do in interaction with other physicalities, living and not-living.

2. Do you actually call Glaurung Glaurung, or do you use his name?

When I refer to my partner online, I call him Glaurung in those fora where that is how he is known. When I speak or write of him to other people who know his name, I usually use that name. When I call him or speak to him, I rarely use Glaurung and sometimes use his name, but usually call him my dragon or my beloved.

3. If you could eliminate one very common noxious chemical from your enviornment, what would it be?

There is a chemical - or perhaps a family of related chemicals, although I do not know its/their name(s) - which is used specifically in many products with artificial scents to cause the actual molecules of artificial scent to adhere more strongly to the surfaces of objects. It is the chemical that makes your laundry smell "extra fresh, extra long," that makes the smell of the perfume and scented shampoo and soap and deoderant and skin lotion and makeup that you put on your body cling to your hair, skin, your clothes, and everything you touch until it is actively washed away. It is the chemical that makes your kitchen smell lemony-clean long after you've finished washing your dishes and countertops. It is the reason that when I buy a used book, or risk borrowing one from the library, I often have to bake it at low heat for days to drive out the perfume left there by the last reader. If scents dissipated naturally instead of clinging to everything for days, that would reduce the impact of many other different chemicals I cannot tolerate, so if I could eliminate just one common chemical, this would probably do me the most good - and do others the least inconvenience.

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